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Welcome to Ultrapex

UltraPex pipe provides cost effective PEX piping solutions to the South African market. Our services include supply, distribution, technical support, product training and system design assistance.

We offer piping solutions to the domestic plumbing, solar, air conditioning, mining, sewage, and civil engineering, chemical, under floor heating and numerous other industrial applications. We are the distributors of Pexgol pipes in South Africa.

This range carries a 10 year manufacturer backed warranty and has a life expectancy of 50 to 100 years. Merchants and installers of our products receive on-site and/or in house training in order to ensure correct installation procedures and effective marketing. Our ongoing technical support ensures that the installer remains proficient. We offer cost-effective solutions that are environmentally safe to manufacture, use and install.

The Pexgol range is SABS approved with the use of Plasson Electro-fusion and DZR compression fittings. In addition to the full selection of products, customers can expect competitive prices, friendly and efficient service, sound advice and expertise from our knowledgeable staff. We are able to price bills of quantity to satisfy the requirements of architects, quantity surveyors and contract developers. Visit our partner site, Orenge Environeering Design.